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Our Business Phone numbers

(403)-606-0503 & (403) 288-8972  

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Tree Prunning and Trimming

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Tree Pruning is the art and knowledge of complete or partial cutting the different member of a tree or plant in order to influence on plants growth. Generally it is optimizing the shape and structure of a tree that finally leads to better growth or fruits.

Why do tree pruning

To maintain the shape of the tree or maintaining tree to have a beautiful landscape
To avoid disturbance of vehicles traffic or people on street
To maintain tree height optimal & preventing of high raised branches
To eliminate weak, broken or dried branches
To make a tree thin so that to catch sun light for better growth
Prune to make a less resistance of tree against wind & snow storms
Tree trimming and pruning stimulates tree to have more fruit or blossom, this is a specialist job since the pruning techniques for every tree is different
Another reason for tree pruning is Rejuvenation.

This kind of pruning is also very technical and the public could not do it. Since a bad pruning cause a valuable old tree to dry. Special pruning needs knowledge about the nature of the tree. Severe pruning on an old tree can have reverse effect and may not lead to rejuvenation, this kind of tree trimming and pruning has to be done by a specialist. Call a specialist now if you have an old tree.

Advantages of Pruning

Advantages of pruning the tree includes: to eliminate extra & bad shaped branches, to eliminate the part of tree which is dried or has defect or sickness , to distribute the tree growing branch in a way to have light and air penetrate into crown of the tree, to balance between root & branches, to balance fruit on harvest time of the year on a tree, to provide a good structure for the body of the tree, to give a good look to ornamental trees, rejuvenation of the tree to grow new branch.

 Different Method of tree pruning:

Based on Time

Winter pruning
Summer pruning

Based on Severity :



Shape Pruning - 

Height: short , medium, tall)
Crown:  Round, wide


Harvest Pruning

Branch pruning (bending branch, peel branch, hurt branch, flower prune, fruit prune)
Root pruning



Time Pruning

Time of pruning for each tree depends on the climate & tree type, and for each tree should be looked at separately. Some of trees are pruned from end of fall till start of spring when tree is sleep, but it is better to prune these trees just after tree wakes up, this will cause tree to do self healing & recover the cut members. But some trees like cherry should be pruned in summer to prevent the tree have sliver leaf defect. Some trees bleed from the cut joint after pruning, so these tree have to be pruned at end of fall. Needle leaf trees also due to bleeding from the cut joint should be pruned at fall season.


Dry pruning /winter pruning or sleep pruning

This will start from the falling leave time. It depends on climate, in cold area pruning some tree cause cold damage to the tree so end of summer is a good time for pruning. Again based on type of the tree the pruning time in winter varies. End of fall, start of winter, end of winter are the alternatives for different tree. In hotter area the winter pruning will performed at start of winter while in colder area it is the end of winter.


Ornamental (Non-fruit) tree pruning

Black pruning/ sleep pruning

This type prune will be done after fall and while the tree is sleeping, for the severe cold area its better to postpone the winter prune to end of sleep time. At this time the tree blood will run slowly within the tree structure and the nutrient will accumulate within the tree and there is no problem for the tree.

Green pruning/ Summer Pruning


After winter pruning the plants start to grow and live, during the growing some unnecessary branch or tree member starts to grow and consume trees nutrition material, so the tree becomes weak. Extra new grown branches from the root, stem or big branch of the tree, these extra just grown branch should be taken out and pruned by summer pruning, this will done midsummer or start of fall. As per experience it is better to done midsummer because the tree nutrient is consumed and it is the time to accumulate organic material in tree members. Leaf pruning, flower prune, root prune, fruit prune, cutting long branches are done at summer. Summer pruning will cause to cut extra leaves and branches so the ventilation will be easier within the tree. Also the tree can use sun light more and grow better.


Ornamental tree pruning

This kind of pruning will be performed in growing period of the tree life and includes elimination of dry, sick branches, extra blossom, dried fruit, doing topiary in the tree. While hot sun light is causing damage to the tree the pruning should not performed within the summer. Summer prune is done light and not server.


Pruning Severity: Light, Medium, Sever

Heading back: this is for better shape or shadow from the tree, if long branches cut down, the crown of the tree becomes crowded and more compressed crown structure. This will stimulate tree to have side branch from main branch in the crown.
Thinning out: this is done to make the crown of the tree thinner, in this method the sick, weak or bad angle branches will be cut and pruned.

Purpose of pruning (Fruit or Form)

Form Pruning is divided to two type: Height pruning, Crown pruning

Height Pruning: based on the height the tree can be pruned in 3 methods.

Short, Medium or Tall

If the first branch from the Ground be about 0.7m it is a short pruning.

If the first branch from the Ground be about 1m it is a Medium pruning.

If the first branch from the Ground be more than 1mit is a long pruning.


Crown shape:

Rounded pruning,
plane pruning

If the branches are trained or pruned to develop in all direction it is a rounded pruning.

If the branches are trained or pruned to develop in a plane perpendicular to ground it is called plane pruning

Choosing the crown pruning model depends on temperature, plant type, stem size, wind speed in the area and etc.

If in rounded pruning the central stem of the tree is eliminated it is called hollow rounded pruning but if the central stem remain in place it is called central rounded pruning.


As it is mentioned the pruning is a special & technical ability which should only be done by an tree knowledgable, experienced tree expert. Call to JR Tree Service specialist now to help you of pruning and trimming your tree. We are here to serve people of Calgary science 1980.